Lodges for Sale

The Omar Lodge

The Omar Lodge

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Second Hand Lodges For Sale …

Omar Kingfisher … 2 bedroom lodge  , with deck …
Number 3 Roseland Lodge Park … £74,995.
Victory Vermont Vue  … 2 bedroom Leisure lodge …
with deck , Number 11 Roseland Lodge Park … £39,995.
Pictures of the inside of the above lodges are available on the lodges for hire section of our website.
We also have plots available for new Lodges of your choice , please contact us with your requirements …
Yearly Lodge Fee’s and Charges… 
Occupancy – park is open for Lodge Tenants all year but any one person cant occupy the lodge for any more than 10 months in any one year, its up to the tenant when you vacate.
2018/19 site fee’s = £1890 due in advance every April.
2018/19 rates = £400 due every April.
Elec is metered and is currently 20p per unit , meter’s are read and billed twice a year- April and November.
Gas is bottled and can be delivered and paid for as and when required.
Email: info@roselandlodgepark.co.uk


* Not always available.