Lodges for Sale

The Omar Lodge

The Omar Lodge

map 2017

Second Hand Lodges For Sale …

Omar Kingfisher … 2 bedroom lodge  , with deck …
Number 3 Roseland Lodge Park … £74,995.
Victory Vermont Vue  … 2 bedroom Leisure lodge …
with deck , Number 11 Roseland Lodge Park … £39,995.
Pictures of the inside of the above lodges are available on the lodges for hire section of our website.
We also have plots available for new Lodges of your choice , please contact us with your requirements …
Yearly Lodge Fee’s and Charges… 
2017/18 site fee’s = £1800 due in advance every April.
2017/18 rates = £400 due every April.
Elec is metered and is currently 20p per unit , meter’s are read and billed twice a year- April and November.
Gas is bottled and can be delivered and paid for as and when required.
Email: info@roselandlodgepark.co.uk


* Not always available.